Hello Everyone!

So to start off with some good news, the garden is currently at capacity for the 2016 growing season! I am very excited to begin planting with you all.


Tilling: due to the very wet conditions (that are to be expected in April and May) the city was unable to till the garden last week. BUT- the weather looks like it will be on our side this week, so Nate and I will keep everyone posted on that front. Once the garden is tilled it will be open to everyone.

We have received many responses to the email update we sent out, it looks like a lot of you would be interested in a garden party. That’s great! As we get into the planting season we will update you on that as well.

Just a reminder, there is a pile of good, black compost for you guys to use at your discretion once the garden is open. Get that free organic matter for your plants! Yum!

As always, please feel free to email Nate or me with questions and concerns.



The Garden site is open for registrations for the 2016 growing season!

Tell your friends, neighbors, and organizations!

Sign up now to reserve your space. If you would like a specific plot assignment, please contact Bobbi Jacobs at bnjacobs@iastate.edu

-Let’s Grow Together-

Meet The New Garden Manager!

Hello! With the growing season rounding the corner quickly, now is a good time to introduce you to the new Garden Manager for 2016. Everyone, Meet Nate!


Nate Gainer is a resident of Cedar Falls and an avid backyard gardener. He is very excited to work with all of you for a successful 2016 growing season. If you have questions, comments, or concerns Nate can be reached at gardening@cfcommunitygardens.org

Nate’s Backyard Garden: 2015

nates garden

Happy March! We will be opening the garden for sign ups soon by the end of the week!


Come soon for 2016

The new gardening season brings new leadership and fresh ideas to the Cedar Falls Community Gardens.

Yes, after 7 years Molly Taiber and I, Joe Gitta, will be stepping down as garden Coordinators.  Soon we will announce new leadership and Garden opening dates.

We need more volunteers to help out. If you are interested in being on the committee please email us at info@cfcommunitygardens.org.

Watch for further announcements in our upcoming newsletter.