Cedar Falls Community Garden

The Cedar Falls Community Garden was created for the benefit of the residents of Cedar Falls.  The concept of a Community Garden is to make garden plots available to individual community members who do not have space at their homes to grow a garden.

At the Community Gardens here in Cedar Falls, individual gardeners can rent a plot annually to grow fresh vegetables for their families.  Each plot is private and allows each individual to grow the things they most enjoy.  All plants and vegetables are the property of the resident gardener.   Each renter agrees to meet certain standards of  plot maintenance and weed control.  

The CFCG is on land acquired by the City of Cedar Falls after the floods in 2008, Garden management is overseen by a Committee of Gardeners and other community members.

 Interested in Gardening?
If you are interested in renting a garden plot to grow your own vegetables, plants or flowers, please  check  Reserve a Plot. In 2021, a 10 by 20 plot cost $25.00.  The annual rental fee includes fresh water and hoses available for gardeners use as well as mowing and other common area maintenance. The City helps by mowing the surrounding areas.

Need Help with obtaining fresh vegetables and other food items?
For those in need, some gardeners here and at other community/church gardens across the metro area donate their excess produce to NE Iowa Food Bank.  The Food Bank has many contributors during the summer season and strives to offer their clients fresh vegetables as well as shelf stable food products.

Since our garden plots are rented out and private , we ask that others respect  the gardeners and not pick from any garden plot they have not rented and tended themselves.

If you didn’t plant it, don’t pick it!!