Cedar Falls Community Gardens Garden Rules

Garden Fees

Gardeners will pay an annual plot rental fee at the beginning of the season .  

Garden Maintenance Standards

  1. Plots are approximately 10” by 20”.  Water is available.  Paths and common areas are maintained by City of Cedar Falls and/or Garden Steering Committee.
  2. Gardeners must maintain plots and plantings throughout the entire season.  A properly maintained plot will require time and attention.  
  3. Failure to maintain plot will result in forfeiture of plot.  If plot is not maintained, you will be notified by email and given 7 days to bring your plot back into compliance.  If you chose not to do so, your plot will be gleaned and cleared or reassigned to another gardener.  If you have a special situation making it impossible to bring your plot into compliance, e-mail the Garden Steering Committee to discuss the problem.
  4. Weeds should not exceed 6 inches and be removed before going to seed. Weeds and other plant material from your plot should be removed from the property.  The Cedar Falls City Compost facility is nearby and open dawn to dusk most days including weekends.  There is no charge.  Debris piles will not be allowed as they harbor pests and rodents.
  5. All gardening activities must be contained within your plot boundaries to facilitate care of pathways and common areas. This is shared space.  Be respectful of your neighbors
  6. Temporary fencing under 4 feet is allowed but must be placed within plot boundaries. You must keep the fence line free of weeds extending out 6 inches to facilitate pathway mowing. Light weight plastic bird meshing is discouraged. All fencing and posts must be completely removed at the end of the season.
  7. Water and hoses are provided.  Be respectful of other plots when using hoses.  Please rewind the hose and shut off the pump after watering your area.
  8. No permanent changes can be made such as concrete or removal of top soil.
  9. Artificial mulches such as carpet, turf, stone etc. are prohibited.
  10. Pesticides and herbicides are strictly prohibited. If you have pest or other issues, email the Garden Steering Committee for guidance or contact ISU Master Gardener Hotline.
  11. Plot must be completely harvested and cleared of all debris, plant material and temporary structures by the end of the growing season. (November 15th)  

General Rules

  1. Smoking is not allowed in or near the garden plots.
  2. Use of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited on the property.
  3. Children are welcome but must be supervised by an adult.
  4. Pets are welcome but must be on a leash and under control.  Clean up after your pet!  
  5. A Trash barrel will be placed in common area for trash only – no plant materials.  Or take your trash home with you to help avoid drawing pests to the area.