2017 Garden Update #8

Great to see all the gardens getting prepped and planted the last week or so.  The City of Cedar Falls is pleased with how neat and tidy things are so far.  The wind storm cleanup slowed down their share of the mowing but they’ll get to us soon,

As the plants go in and seedlings emerge, we remind gardeners to keep an eye on the Garden Tips page for ideas on dealing with problems/pests – especially those unique to the Cedar Falls Community Gardens.

A reminder that wilt is common in the area and mulching tomato and pepper plants early can help by eliminating soil splash on the plants leaves.  Neem Oil sprays may also help.

Squash Bugs have also been a problem.  This year, Sevin powder is allowed to help control them and  Neem Oil spray helps here as well.

Just be careful when you apply these to keep the Neem Oil spray and Sevin from blowing into a neighbor’s plot.

Do you have any good tips for our gardens?? Email and let us know.  We’ll add it to the Tips page.