2017 Gardens Upgate #5

Each day sees a few new gardeners getting their gardens prepped and planted.  The sooner you work over the tilled ground, the fewer weeds will pop up.  We encourage you to do a little prep work even if you aren’t ready to plant yet.

As fences start going up, we want to remind you that fences set in from the grass strips with a small trench on the outside will allow the mower to keep the edges clean and keep grass from growing into your fence and garden.  The wood mulch provided by the city and laid over a single sheet of newspaper will also minimize weeding chores.  See Garden Tips for more information.

According to the 2017 Garden Rules, each gardener is responsible to keep their fence clear of weeds and must keep the area outside the fence trimmed.  The trench and inset fence helps!!!

We will be closing registration soon so it’s time to decide if you plan to garden this year!!