2021 garden plots available on March 15th

I’m pleased to announce that garden plots are available for all Cedar Falls residents starting on March 15th.  Thanks for everyone’s patience for the late start this winter/spring.  As those of you know who gardened here last year, we had not one but two water main breaks and I didn’t want to issue an open call for plots until I found out if the repair/replacement work would take several plots out of commission or not.  The good news is, and thank you to our city colleagues, the main will be repaired or replaced in the next few weeks, well in advance of the growing season.  As you reserve plots this year, please note that we will have a limited number of half plots (10 X 20 for $25) available compared to past years and I expect the demand for half plots will exceed supply.  So please reserve early if you want a half plot; we have plenty of full plots to rent out.