Reserve Plots for 2019

The reserve plots link is up and running. The cost this year will be the same as last year–$25 for individuals and $12.50 for non-profits. We hope that the opening date for planting will be Saturday, May 11th. However, since the city tills the gardens for us any start date depends on the weather. We will keep you informed as things progress
Once we have reservations coming in, we will update the plot assignment page for 2019.

It’s Time!!

We will begin taking reservations on March 19th (Monday)for the 2018 gardening season. Each 10 x 20 plot costs the same as last year–$25 for individuals and $12.50 for nonprofit groups. The renting of up to six plots per person/group is no problem. If any person or group would want to rent more than that, for availability reasons, please contact us before doing so. The target date for opening the gardens is May 1, depending of course on the weather and when the parks department can get the tilling done for us. We will announce the definitive opening date as we get closer to May 1. Finally, if you are thinking about joining us, please read the garden tips and the rules that are posted on this web site. We look forward to having as many people as possible garden with us.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me at

John Smith, Mary Jo Loveland, and the garden committee

garden closing

The garden will close on October 30th. All fences and plant matter should be removed before that date. The latter can be taken to the city facility just west of the gardens.The sunflowers are an exception. Because they are a good source of food for birds such as finches, they can be left up over the winter. We will remove them in the early spring. It was a good year for gardening with the gardens more weed-free and neatly tended then they have been for years. The garden committee would like to thank all involved for contributing to making this a very enjoyable gardening season. And, for those of you who did not garden this year–think about joining us. There are few things as enjoyable as gardening.

A final word. If anyone attempted to contact us during the last few weeks, there was a problem with the contact form. The problem has been fixed, so if you see this message, please retry.