Garden 2018 Update 6

Sturgis Falls
A big thank you to Kevin Cross and the City of Cedar Falls for restricting parking near the gardens this year,  We had snow fence, pylons and caution tape and surveillance cameras.  As of Sunday morning, it seemed as if no one had backed into or driven through any planted plots.

I hope you all double check our Facebook page.  The Garden Committee member who keeps an eye on it has a real knack for finding fun photos and pictures to tie into the commentary!!!  She includes the information from here on the webpage and in garden emails and adds even more.  And each of our gardeners is encouraged to post their garden pictures as well.

Two Legged Bandits
We sadly think the two legged bandit is back.  One gardener had a cabbage stolen from their plot on Friday or Saturday.  So please double check your gardens and let us know if anything is ‘missing’.  The surveillance camera should help with this problem and we will be putting up some signs reminding visitors that while this may be a ‘community’ garden, the individual plots are private.  Each gardener has invested time, money and sweat into their plots and deserve to be able to enjoy the product of their hard work.

Mowing, Weeds and Fences
We feel like we harp about the weeds but asking everyone to pitch in and do their part by keeping their own plots weed free makes the Gardens a better place for everyone.

John mowed again on Sunday morning so stop by and take a look   Any weeds and grasses between the pathways and your garden that didn’t get mowed are YOUR responsibility to clear.  And if there are weeds in your fence, clean it out!! 

Also check your fences (especially that chicken wire and other floppy materials) and be sure the fence is tight.

On Monday, we will be issuing official 7 day warnings for those gardens/fences that are out of compliance with garden rules and standards.  Warned gardeners will have 7 days to clean up their area or they will forfeit their garden.

More Mowing Facts
We did a quick calculation on the number of hours it takes to keep the pathways mowed (2 1/2 hours each mow) and equipment costs and realized that without the volunteer who pushes that mower around (thank you John), we would need to almost double the rental cost for each plot to cover the expense of hiring mowers.

So there is a good reason why we ask you to not toss rocks, dirt and large weeds into the pathways.  Each one can damage the mower and take up valuable mowing time.

Your annual plot rental fee also covers the cost of the water from Cedar Falls Utilities, the watering equipment and anything else that is needed.

Our simple rules make it  nicer and CHEAPER for everyone. And those of you who gardened here before last year, know how awful it is to not have the pathways mowed and the neighbors weeds so high your garden is shaded all day.