Opening Day May 6th

From John:
The parks department was out to till the gardens this week. They look great and so Sunday the 6th seems as good a day as any to open the gardens. I must add, however, that while they are open, this weather is still an issue. I suspect things will be too wet even through this weekend and, as we all know, one of the last things one wants in gardening is to compact the soil. But–it is everyone’s choice.

Plot Assignments are here    A few words of explanation. We are gardening from row 10 on the west side to 26 on the east side. 10 and 26 are reserved for flowers. Each row from 11 to 25 is divided into 4 10×20 plots. A and b are on the street or south side and on the north or treed side after the walkway are c and d. We have around 18 gardeners and 40 or so plots rented. That leaves about 18 or so plots open. If you know someone who might be interested, please tell them space is available. They can reserve a plot here. Finally, I will have small flags in place by Sunday morning that have the plot row number and letter and the name of the person renting that plot(s).

A few other comments. If you have not done so, please read the garden rules. Last year we were pretty strict about, especially, the issue of plots going to weed. This made a real difference in terms of the weed problems that had almost taken over the gardens. I think another year or two of being tough on the weeds can get us to the point where weeding will be a minor nuisance, not the burden it has been in the recent past.

I will be mowing the perimeter and walkways again this year. The City mows the rest for us. I would like all of you, especially if putting up a fence, to place the fence about 4 or 5 inches into the garden plot from the tilled edges. This allows me to mow right up the the fence and mitigate the migration of weeds into your garden area. The weeds cannot be stopped, but they can be discouraged from creeping into and getting entangled in the fence. Also, last year some people used nylon bird netting to cover some crops. I have no problem with that except to ask that the netting be kept at least 15 or so inches off the ground. That stuff tends to come loose and sag to ground level where it is very difficult to see when mowing. Last year the mower grabbed a loose end about 3 or 4 times. It was quite a chore to untangle it from the blades.