2017 Garden Update #10

We’ve had some unusually hot weather the past week but many of the gardens are thriving with the watering and the rains.  There are some great gardeners this year,  Be sure to ask them for advice if you are new to gardening,

Also thriving are the weeds,  We have several gardens in need of some serious weeding,  Starting next week, we will be contacting gardeners who are in violation of the garden rules.  Remember, weeds/grasses must be removed before they exceed 6 inches and/or go to seed.

It’s especially critical to get the weeds out of your squash and melon patches before the plants vine out too much.  It’s so much easier on the plant and on you to clear the weeds now.  You can’t just hoe down the row.  It’s all bending and pulling!!

Also, be sure to redirect those squash and melon vines back into your garden if they head for the grass strips!!   There are already a few escape artists showing their skills!!

Since it’s been soooo hot, we will allow gardeners who have not prepped/planted  their plots until Monday, June 19th, to get their garden plots in order or the plots will be forfeited.

Did you notice the plots under plastic?  We are solarizing these plots which is a great way to kill weeds, weed seeds and soil diseases.  Any plots not prepped and planted by next Monday will also be solarized. Hopefully, we can solarize different plots each year until they have all gone ‘under the plastic.’