2017 Garden Update #11

Several updates today and a request.

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds
We wanted to let everyone know that we have sent out a few weed warnings this week,  Gardeners who receive a weed warning have 7 days to clean up their garden or lose it.  So many have complained about the weed problems in years past that we are really trying to keep on top of the problems this year,  It’s not fun when your plants are shaded by the neighbor’s weeds.   We also some have some beautifully kept gardens this year.   Its a pleasure to visit.   In fact, we had a Master Gardener from Illinois visit over the weekend,

Parking, Oh My
Thanks to Lytishya Borglum and Liz Barron from the Garden Committee.  They saw people backing into the gardens Saturday evening during Sturgis Falls.  They stopped.  Their kids helped them move benches to protect unfenced gardens.  The kids even found some unused stakes that they pushed in to show where the plots were.  And on top of that, they came back the next day to return the benches and stakes to their original locations.  Thank you for going the extra mile. 

Soil Solarization  – Help
We have told you about plans to solarize plots that are unused.  We have several more mid garden that will likely get plastic in the next week or so.  HOWEVER, we have used  most the rocks we found on the first three solarized plots.  We are asking everyone to check their garages to see if you have any old scrap lumber we can use to hold the plastic in place.  It doesn’t have to be big.  Stuff like old molding pieces or unused garden stakes that we can lay on the edges and then anchor with coat hanger hooks.  We’re afraid 2X4’s might get stolen.  You can drop it off by the sunflower garden on the east end of the garden.  Thanks.

Two New Garden Tips (Or Those Pesky Bugs)
We’ve seen Japanese Beetles and squash bugs,  We have two new tips to deal with this without insecticides.  See Garden Tips to learn about Fish Emulsion and Diatomaceous Earth.  Both are inexpensive.