2018 Garden Update #12

It’s fall.  Time to enjoy those squash and melons, any fall crops you planted and it’s also time to start clean up  on your garden space.
As always we encourage gardeners to take their garden debris to the compost facility just over on East Main.  No debris piles are allowed near the gardens.  If you can’t haul it to the compost facility, please dump it in the tall grass at the far back of the property.  There is a small strip of grass nearer on the east end.  This is NOT a dumping area.  Carry it to the far back grass strip.
Failure to clear your garden plot of all fencing and plants or improper dumping means you will not be able to rent a plot again next year.
We plan to have the water turned off on November 1st.   If you are still babying along some Kale (it loves a little frost) or other fall plantings, you will have to bring in your own water.
Finally, the flood forecast is 95.2 on Sunday morning.  This may close down the compost facility for a day or two but should leave the garden above water (knock on wood). Last flood ended up being a foot below it’s forecast of 95.4.
But this morning, it looks as high as the last flood and rising fairly quickly.   I was out at the compost facility several times and they are closing the bike trails back there since they were already under water.  I could see the increase in water every time I drove in.   I also saw some barriers and road signs on standby in a few areas of town.
Just a heads up  It’s easier to take down fences BEFORE it floods.