2018 Garden Update #13

At the back east end of garden looking west towards downtown.

The final flood crest was about 95.6.  Higher than forecast and a lot higher than the one we had in early September though the original forecasts were about the same.  The Cedar River is a capricious spirit!!

Anyway, the flood water filled in Lincoln Street in front of the gardens and lapped into the front gardens and also filled in from the back side and lapped into the back gardens.  Any low spots filled with flood and/or ground water.
If you planned to carve, not eat, your pumpkins, you should be able to give them a quick scrub and still use them for decorations   But Extension tells us you should not eat anything even potentially contaminated by flood waters.
The compost facility will probably be closed off a few more days as the water recedes so you won’t be able to haul your garden debris over there until the end of the week or so.  As we indicated in the last email, no debris piles on site allowed.   We’ll be shutting down by November 1st so clean up needs to be done by then