2018 Garden Update 9

As some of you know, we’ve had a problem in the past with people who do not garden at the community garden harvesting other people’s produce. Yesterday, two men approached a garden committee member who was out working her garden and asked “When the sweet corn would be ready?”

After spending some time talking to them, it became clear that they thought, like others have in the past, “Community Gardens” means “a garden for the community to share”.

A Community Garden is  a publicly owned area made available to individuals who have no where else to garden.  Local Community members are able to rent a plot each year. Each buys their own plants and seeds and cares for their individual plot.  The plot and it’s produce are the property of the individual gardener.

The rent money is spent on general upkeep for common areas within the gardens and to provide water for the plots..

We know how frustrating it can be to have something you’ve been growing vanish overnight. There will be a new sign in the garden soon urging people to not pick anything they did not plant. We will encourage anyone interested in gardening to get a plot next spring and list the website on the sign.

In the next couple weeks, our gardens will be at their peak. If you are too busy to pick your produce, or just cannot use it, let us know. Please do not let your veggies rot on the vine. We will be happy to harvest your unwanted produce and bring it to the NE Iowa Food Bank.