2019 Garden Update #2

Still Taking Reservations
We have 8 plots left if you want to garden this summer. So reserve your plot now!

Plot Numbers Changing
We were unable to do the total tilling we had hoped to do so we’ll be using the old layout and plots. We are renumbering them this year starting at the east end and going west.. We are eliminating one row on the east end of the gardens and several additional rows on the west. We need to consolidate to keep maintenance costs down.

Plot Assignments
We’ve tried to keep folks in the same plots as last year but we had to move a few people. The plot assignment page will show the new numbering system and will be active in the next couple of days.

Opening Day??
The City hopes to till the plots this Friday – in between this weeks rain and next weeks rain. We’ll announce when that happens! But it will likely be too cool and wet to plant for a few more days. While you wait, take the time to review the garden rules and get your new plants acclimated.