2019 Garden Update 3

Not Quite Open
The tilling was done Monday and Tuesday but the ground is wet and cool and with rain forecast, we’re really not open. A miscommunication means an extra row was tilled on the east and several on the west. We’ll be putting those into grass once it stops raining. I did stick out the pink flags in case anyone drives by and wants an early peek but we won’t be measuring the plots until Friday.

Middle Aisle
The tiller also ran through the middle aisle so that need to be re-marked. The aisle is to provide easy access to the hoses by all gardeners and to help prevent damage to middle row gardens. We’d like to mulch this middle ground between plots B and C with wood chips but we need lots of help to get that done. Email us if you can help or know someone who can.

Fences and Mowing
The mower reminds gardeners that he needs you to set fences inside the plot line 3 or four inches so he can run the mower there. Remember, you are responsible for weeds to the edge of your plot. Leaving a narrow border outside the fence is easy hoeing for you and a margin for the mower. Also, don’t plant in that narrow margin outside your fence.
For those without fencing, keep your plants inside by that same margins.
Also bird netting as not to be used for fencing. It does not stay taut and can ruin the mower. If used as a cover, the netting must be set back inside the garden edge or be at least a foot above ground level.

The gardens should be open next weekend. We have one plot still available.