Garden 2018 Update 4

It’s Happening
Wow!   Things are growing despite all the hot weather.  We have had lots of ‘community garden tourists’  complimenting all the gardeners on their hard work!!  There are some pretty incredible gardens going in this year!

Sturgis Falls Festival
You will have noticed snow fencing on the west end of the garden.  That is the beginning of the protective measures the Cedar Falls Parks and Recreation Department and the Sturgis Falls Festival Committee are taking to provide protection for the gardens from parked cars and walkers during the festival   Be sure to tell them thank you!!

Weeds Will Grow
Reminder, the weeds need to be managed and doing it now will make it easier to manage the rest of the year.  We ask that weeds be removed before they reach 6 inches or start to go to seed.   This includes squash patches as well as row gardens.  And watch the edges and keep them hoed as well so the mower can get as close as possible to the tilled areas of your garden.  That saves everyone a lot of work.  So far this years, it’s looking pretty good!!

Plots Must Be Planted by June 15
We mentioned this in the last update and on Facebook, but we ask that all plots be cleaned up and planted by June 15th.  This allows the committee to manage any unwanted plots with less work and potential impact on the neighboring gardens.  In the same spirit, we will close registration/payment for plots on June 15th as well.

Here’s to a great year!!