Garden 2018 Update 3





First Crop
The gardening year has started out with a heat wave but gardeners have had some success already.  Jim shows off his radishes grown  from seeds he planted in early May.

Getting Started
We are asking that everyone get their garden plots started by June 15th.  The City tilled the first days of May so if you have not worked your plot yet, you will have some weeds and grasses to clear.

After several years of neglect, the new garden committee last year enforced the garden rules on weed control and one committee member did the mowing to make  sure it was kept up.  It will take several years for all the weed and grass seeds to work out of the plots but it’s better this year.   Last year we solarized some of the plots (but not all) and even those plots are showing grass growth.

Milkweed Reserve
We set aside a plot covered with milkweed as a reserve.  Over the weekend, gardeners chipped in and weeded the grasses.  They found several caterpillars already and encourage other gardeners to check out our little butterfly haven!.  Feel free to pull a weed if you see one while looking!

Several gardeners have discovered milkweed in their plots as well and are just gardening around them,  Kudos!!

At both ends of the gardens, you will see flower gardens planted by the committee to attract pollinators to the area.

Soil Makeup
One gardener sent in a soil sample collected from several plots.  The results came back low in nitrogen but high in phosphorus.  Gardeners may want to look for plant fertilizer with lots of nitrogen and lower in other areas.  You can check with Iowa State Extension for additional ideas.

Meanwhile, happy gardening.