Garden 2018 Update 2

Gardens are starting to go in.  Exciting!

The tilling was deeper this year but because the City uses large equipment, the edges are messy.  Using your hoes, rakes and shovels to even out and clean up the edges will help the garden mower get closer to your garden edges and reduce the weeds sneaking in that you will have to pull to maintain clean edges.   Win Win for both!!

Reminder.  When you find rocks in your plot, carry them to the  base of the trees.  DO NOT leave them in the pathways.  We had to buy a new mower this year because of rock damage to the current one.  Also, remember that we have asked that any bird netting or other plastic/nylon crop covers be firmly anchored at least 15 inches above ground level to protect the mower.  Metal fences need to be set in 4 or 5 inches from the tilled edge.  Tunnel covers need to be set back 6 inches from edge of the plot and be sure the strings are pulled in!

Replacing equipment yearly will force rent increases in the future.  Let’s work together  and keep future costs down.  It’s for the good of the community!

And if you leave tools in the pathways, they’ll be moved to the base of the tree at the east end of the garden.  You can reclaim them there.