Garden Update #20

The Remains

Punxsutawney Phil Comes to Cedar Falls
Once again we have visitors.  This time, it appears to be the four legged variety – groundhogs!!!    This is Nazareth Lutheran’s melon patch.  Not much left for the humans!!

We also found a den at the other end of the garden.  Apparently they like areas near brush piles though we got rid of those this year.  They also like taller plants or thickly planted areas that give them cover so we think the sweet corn patches may be one of the attractions.

Here is some basic info on groundhogs:

And info on keeping them away:

If you see them in your plot, \you can try red pepper spray or dry pellets like Critter Ridder.  Next year we will look into live traps.

If you have any ideas for your fellow gardeners, email us!!