Garden Update #19

Follow Up

The gardens were hit once again by 2 legged bandits.  This time there was a witness and the police were able warn off the perpetrators.  Some of you were able to reclaim your produce that was picked and left behind.  Some weren’t so lucky.

However, the day after the theft, one of our gardeners mysteriously found some of the missing produce set back in their plot.  Unfortunately, it was picked before it was ripe so it is unlikely to be edible.

Our thanks to an observant gardener and to the Cedar Falls police for taking the report. 

For those of you who lost produce, we all understand how frustrating that can be!!!!

Meanwhile the four legged bandits have their eyes on the sweet corn.  Be sure to check and pick daily if you are growing corn!

Weed Update

We are making progress on getting the weeds out of the garden areas but there is still room for improvement.  The button weed shown above is an example of what we really hate to see in our gardens.  This weed is in one of the gardens and stands over 5 foot tall.  There are several more of those seed pods on the plant not shown in the photo.  Each will create hundreds of new weeds to be pulled next year.  The gardener has been warned and is making progress on cleaning up their plot.

We asked that large weeds and those going to seed be removed from the property or carried back in to the tall grass.  We meant the grass areas where the grass is over a foot tall – not the mowed areas for the first 40 or 50 feet behind the gardens.