2017 Garden Update #12

All Those Flowers
Hard to believe it’s July already and we have some hot and humid weather forecast for this coming week.   Rain will be appreciated by everyone and especially by the gardens.

The sunflowers and other flowers in the east end garden plots are really taking off.  The red sunflowers are starting to bloom as are the zinnias.  There are more flowers to come!!  The west sunflowers were planted later but are getting some growth now.

Thanks to everyone for trying to keep up with your garden weeds.  We have some beautiful well kept plots.  And some not so great.  You may have noticed we had a few plots forfeited for not following garden weed rules, while others got to work and made a good start on clearing their plots of weeds.  Still work to be done but we all know that gardening never  ends!!

The Japanese beetles seem to have moved on.  However, there is some evidence of squash bugs.  You’ll find some info on dealing with squash bugs on the Garden Tips Page.