2017 Garden Update #13



Okay, this guy looks pretty scary and he was found in our gardens!!!  We had a lengthy discussion on our Facebook page and decided it is a tomato hornworm which will become a sphinx moth (after it devours a tomato plant or two) which is a fascinating creature as well.  Anyway, you can hand pick them off (they are BIG) or spray your plants with NEEM Oil.  There are links to some other control ideas on our Facebook page.  We’d love it if you posted your garden pictures on Facebook as well,

Weeding, Weeding, Weeding
We are all tired of weeds (and the garden committee nagging you about them) but it’s just another part of a gardeners’ life.

One of the reasons the garden plot rental fee went down this year is because so many garden plots were buried in weeds last summer and the pathways seldom mowed.  We knew it would be an uphill battle this year for everyone as all last years weed seeds would be popping up this year. So the price break seemed only fair!!

It’s also why we are asking everyone to do their part this year at keeping their plots free of weeds and neat.  Most of the plots look great though a few of the fences are harboring weeds!!  We are mowing this weekend so it will be easy for everyone to see how close the mower can get to your fence and plot and see where you need to clear weeds.

No weed warnings this week.  There are a couple of very weedy plots but we are relying on everyone to stop out and do their part!!  It should be easier next year!!

We have lots of melons and other vine plants in the gardens this year.  And more than a few wanderers.  Remember, if you don’t redirect your vines back into the garden when they make a break for the pathways, they will be mowed off.

Coming Soon
We are pulling together some information about vegetables and greens you can replant as summer progresses – fall crops when cooler weather returns!!   Send us any info and ideas you have.