Garden Update #14

Reward Time
Finally, we are seeing more and more garden produce ready to harvest – tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, cucumbers, zucchini  and even the sweet corn. The melons and squash are getting bigger and closer to harvest.  And it’s almost time to replant the lettuces, kales, chards, radishes and other short season vegetables liking cooler weather.  It’s still hot now, but the fall weather is perfect for many of these.

We also have weeds getting taller and going to seed.  Garden rules require gardeners remove weeds and grasses before they reach six inches or go to seed.  Also, rules require that those choosing to put up fences must keep the fences free of weeds and maintain a weed free buffer zone between the pathways and fence where the mower can’t go.  If you pull weeds that have gone to seed, please remove them from the garden area and pathways,

Remember, every weed we let go to seed in our garden this year, is a hundred weeds we will have to pull next year.