Garden Update #18

We’re Famous!

Well, maybe not famous, but both the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier and KWWL TV have covered the Case of the Missing Onions.  We hope the publicity will let our bandit know we are watching as are the Cedar Falls Police.

The Courier article ran last night,  Here’s a link to the Courier article:  Thanks to the Courier.  We appreciate the coverage.

KWWL came out to the gardens this morning between rain showers and interviewed Lytishya and Dennis.   That story will run during the morning news tomorrow.  Amanda from KWWL plans to do an on-air standup out at the garden early tomorrow.  Thanks to KWWL as well for all your help.

More than Onions
Gardeners are missing more than onions.  Several watermelons have vanished from one gardener’s plots.  He wants to warn the thief that the melons are not ripe yet and they would be wiser to wait a few more weeks.  Please keep your eyes peeled everyone.  And let us know.

Four Legged Friends
Also, the raccoons and deer may have discovered the sweet corn.  Gardeners beware!!  Pick it the minute it’s ready!!